Praying John 15

Father, I praise you for the abundant harvest you have in mind—baskets overflowing! You and Jesus partner to get a mind-boggling crop. I praise you for the ways you keep working to produce fruit in my life. You keep removing the suckers that steal nutrition from real fruit. You keep using your Word to call me back on track.

I am staying connected to Jesus. I know he produces anything I do that truly lasts. Without that connection to him, I am nothing. Jesus is the life force within me! I praise you for his goodness growing in me. I do not want my efforts to be burned up. I will not separate my life from Jesus. I am becoming more comfortable with him every day. I want his teachings to become part of me through my obedience. I want to pray his heart so whatever I ask for you will do for Jesus. I want to be a mature follower of your Son.

I know his love and I praise you for it! He is so comfortable with you! He loves you so perfectly! He enjoys your presence so fully! Transform my heart so it beats in rhythm with Jesus. Make me obedient, just like Jesus was! Produce a true love for your will in my life.

I want Jesus’ joy, Father. I want that full-grown joy! Teach me to love others. Train me to practice Jesus’ sacrificial love. Lead me to even die to others—to forgo what I want for their well-being. I praise you, Jesus, for bringing us into your inner circle. I praise you for choosing to be our friend. I praise you that we get to understand your thinking and planning. I thank you we are partners with you.

Thank you, Jesus, for choosing me! Thank you for choosing me to be fruitful! Grow me up; get everything you can out of me.

Father, give me everything I need to be fruitful. Give me what Jesus wants me to have. You decide. Whatever it takes to make you proud of my fruit bearing, load me up!

Teach me to love—truly love!

In Jesus I pray, Amen!

Colossians 1:9-23

Father, I praise you for Jesus. Glory to his name! Through him you rescued us from the dark kingdom. You qualified us to share in Jesus’ inheritance in the light kingdom. You freed us from bondage to Satan, bondage to sin, and bondage to death. You have forgiven us. You bought us back through his blood. I praise you for those coming to Jesus.

Yes, Jesus is the first and greatest. Everything you created was for his glory. All the angelic beings were made to praise him. Even Satan and the rebel angels will have to acknowledge his right to reign. He already has all authority over them—in heaven and in earth.

We praise you, father, for what we learn of you by watching Jesus. He reveals you fully! Oh, how loving you really are. As one of us has said, “You are too good to be unkind. You are too wise to be confused. When we cannot trace your hand we can always trust your heart!”

Bless those who are coming to faith in Jesus. In jail, in Brazil, Africa and India. Here and abroad! Overflow them with an experience of you, Father, so they will know your will fully. We want our lives to please you. We want them to bring honor to your name. We want good fruit to come from our lives. Bring all of us to know you better.

Strengthen us with your power so we can endure with patience. Overflow us with joy—irrepressible peace and laughter—overflowing with thanksgiving to you.

Give us persons of peace among your worst enemies, oh God! Stir them up. Break through their evil thoughts. Overcome their evil actions. Draw them close through the message of Jesus’ death. Usher us into heaven. Look at us through his holiness. Equip us to stand before you without sin.

Ground us in the truth of Jesus. Remind us of our assurances—the confidence we had when we first came to know of your love for us shown in Jesus. We pledge ourselves to proclaim that same message Paul spread. Multiply our reach. Raise up millions who tell others of Jesus. Accomplish multiple church planting movements. Have us learning of believers reached by believers we trained. Raise us to your higher power.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praying Kingdom Prayers—Psalm 145

Father, I exalt you! You are King of kings. Forever I praise your name. Day in and day out, I give you glory and honor.

You are awesome, God. All the praise in the world is not enough for you. Your greatness is boundless! Grandparents tell their children and grandchildren their testimony to your powerful deeds. Every generation has its stories to tell. All our songs cannot contain the vastness of your conquests. News of your deeds spreads far and wide. We cannot stop talking about your kingdom advance. A library cannot hold all of your actions. You are famous throughout our country. We cannot be silent.

Your grace and mercy show through your patience with us. Your love and grace overflow in our lives. You act with amazing grace.

The whole world praises you. The people you have set apart bless your holy name. We keep telling the world how good it is to be under your kingdom rule. We let them know how blessed we are to be under your reign. You reign eternal—nothing can end that! You follow through on every promise, always keeping your word. Your every action is gracious.
I praise you for helping the hurting. You forgive us and give us an opportunity to begin again, before we give up in despair. People watch you knowing you bless us just in the knick of time. You provide richly.

Because of who you are, what you have done, and your promise to hear our prayers, I cry out to you for David. Heal my brother. Restore his health. Use this healing to claim fame to your mighty name. You are the great healer. Jesus is the great physician. Medical doctors have given up, so we cry out asking you to do the impossible. You are the impossibility specialist so we know you can. We trust you with this matter. David has surrendered himself to your will. But we also know you gave Hezekiah those extra years. Jesus healed the broken. He raised the dead. Our request is consistent with so many things you have done.

Whatever you do is good, it always arises from your love. You listen to our prayers. You hear our fervent cries. You provide the best things for us in our reverence to you. You hear our cries and save us. You forebear when we love you and punish us when we go astray. We trust you to do what is best.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praying Luke 10

Father, I praise you for the times Satan has fallen from heaven like lightning! May his fall continue here in Murfreesboro and throughout the world. I pray we will go forth in the authority of Jesus to accomplish kingdom advances. Protect us from every attack of the enemy.

Send us out two by two. Charge us with preparing the way for the arrival of Jesus. Enlarge our vision of the harvest. Open our eyes to see what you are doing and what you want us to do—here and abroad! Increase the number of harvesters. Raise up harvesters in the harvest.

Teach us to travel light. Give us wisdom to recognize the persons of peace you place in our paths. I praise you for Aaron, Chad and John. You are transforming them and using them to reach others. Transform them into agents of change wherever they are. Teach them to search for persons of peace too. I pray their peace will rest upon others and they will know the joy of hospitality and fellowship.

Give us all the faith to heal the sick and proclaim the nearness of the kingdom. Give us the wisdom to keep looking for receptive families. Teach us to move on when fruit is not being produced and to persist in our search for those who will draw near to Jesus.

Call us to obedience to this passage. Make us restless until we take up the charge. Give us learning opportunities. I pray we find great joy in the successes you give and hope to move forward and reach out into more and more places.

Forgive our disobedience to Jesus. Change us into a “lean and mean” fighting machine. Prepare us for the depths of the spiritual battle we are entering.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Praying Daniel 9:4-23

Father, you are holy and true—you always keep your promises. That’s good news to us when we are faithful like you. It brings fear to our hearts when we disobey you. We have sinned. We have refused to surrender to your will for our lives. We have not obeyed your Son, Jesus. He showed us your heart—every one of us: fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. We have shut our ears to your life-giving Word.

Father, you always do what is right, but we are reaping the consequences of our disobedience. You extend grace and forgiveness, even though we disobey. The world sees that we do not live in the blessings we would have experienced. They see us isolated, and without the unity we should have. We confess we are disobedient.

We experience the brokenness Jesus warned us would come. We refuse to forgive those who have sinned against us and we live without forgiveness. We cannot forgive ourselves. We have become harsh and critical. We find that your warnings have been fulfilled among us. Because of our sin we do not have the impact on our world we know should come. Brokenness, sickness and death happen all around us. We do not experience the New Jerusalem. We do not know the intimacy with Jesus that we long to experience. We find our prayers hindered. We see Satan winning battles though he has already been defeated. Through it all we have not cried out to you. We should have repented of our sins and become obedient. You gave us the fruit of our choices because you are righteous. We still disobey.

Now, O God our Father, who raised Jesus from the grave and made a reputation for yourself that day, we confess our sin. In keeping with your goodness, remove your anger from your chosen people. Revive your church. Heal our communities. Re-light your holy lamp. Walk among the lampstands and let your glory shine through us again. Take away the derision of those who look at us and mock us for our impotence.

Please, God, hear my intercession. For the sake of your reputation, restore your people, Father. Listen to our cries. Exalt the faith communities that bear your Name. We do not make these requests because we are good, but because your grace is so amazing! Hear us, Father. Forgive us. Ignite the fire of holiness among us. Hear and act! For your sake, do not delay. Move in our midst since we bear the holy Name of Jesus. Transform us. Free us from our fear. Heal our hate. Release us from our record-keeping ways. Claim fame for Jesus. In his Name, Amen!