Praying John 15

Father, I praise you for the abundant harvest you have in mind—baskets overflowing! You and Jesus partner to get a mind-boggling crop. I praise you for the ways you keep working to produce fruit in my life. You keep removing the suckers that steal nutrition from real fruit. You keep using your Word to call me back on track.

I am staying connected to Jesus. I know he produces anything I do that truly lasts. Without that connection to him, I am nothing. Jesus is the life force within me! I praise you for his goodness growing in me. I do not want my efforts to be burned up. I will not separate my life from Jesus. I am becoming more comfortable with him every day. I want his teachings to become part of me through my obedience. I want to pray his heart so whatever I ask for you will do for Jesus. I want to be a mature follower of your Son.

I know his love and I praise you for it! He is so comfortable with you! He loves you so perfectly! He enjoys your presence so fully! Transform my heart so it beats in rhythm with Jesus. Make me obedient, just like Jesus was! Produce a true love for your will in my life.

I want Jesus’ joy, Father. I want that full-grown joy! Teach me to love others. Train me to practice Jesus’ sacrificial love. Lead me to even die to others—to forgo what I want for their well-being. I praise you, Jesus, for bringing us into your inner circle. I praise you for choosing to be our friend. I praise you that we get to understand your thinking and planning. I thank you we are partners with you.

Thank you, Jesus, for choosing me! Thank you for choosing me to be fruitful! Grow me up; get everything you can out of me.

Father, give me everything I need to be fruitful. Give me what Jesus wants me to have. You decide. Whatever it takes to make you proud of my fruit bearing, load me up!

Teach me to love—truly love!

In Jesus I pray, Amen!

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