Applying Ephesians to My Life (cont.)

[NOTE: I will begin with my re-statement of the passage. Then I will present a list of “I Will…” Statements that I wrote based on that section. Reading these sections will give you some insight into what struck me as I studied through these texts, but your time would be better spent doing your own 3-column study first. After you have written your study then reading mine will give you another set of eyes and experiences that may help you with your efforts to hear from God.]

1:15-2:22 In My Words

(15-18) The apostle regularly asked God, through Jesus, to tune believers’ spirits by the Holy Spirit to be receptors of deep experiential knowledge of Jesus. Paul also asked for their enlightenment to give them a confident expectation of their rich inheritance and God’s absolutely unique power—like the most unique thing he’s ever done when he resurrected Jesus from the dead and gave him the supreme position.

(1:19-2:3) Jesus is over present and even future forces or positions of dominance. God placed him presiding over all to the benefit of the church which is his continuing presence in the world, completing the works he started. Sin brought spiritual death to us. Satan (the ruler of this world) had control over our lives just like the people we see rebelling against God. At some point in our lives all of us were just like them, doing what we wanted in rebellion to God and as a result we were in big trouble.

(4-10) Thank God his love and mercy are huge! In Jesus he gave us a spiritual resurrection—his grace saves us. Now, with Jesus, our spiritual place is the highest heavens. God did this to show off his amazing grace because he was kind to us through Jesus. God gave us the free gift of salvation based on our trusting him. We cannot boast; we didn’t earn his grace. God’s handiwork is evident in us since he enables us to do what he has always wanted us to accomplish.

(11-16) Don’t forget that in your former life you were on the outside looking in—you didn’t have God’s mark on your bodies. You were hopelessly outside the promises, outside the selected group, without Jesus. Shock of shocks, in Jesus, the rejects have been selected and given access through the Anointed One’s blood. Jesus bridged the chasm and broke down the separation that excluded you. The sacrifice of his body removed the law, which divided us from you, and he brought wholeness by uniting us. By the cross he opened a way for oneness with each other and with God—he ended our bitterness.

(17-22) He extends wholeness to the outsiders and insiders alike. People from both groups can approach God through Jesus by the same Spirit. This is great news!  We are now one big family—God’s children!  Our distrust for each other is over. We all stand on Jesus and the apostles and prophets he selected as the foundation. We are pieces of the majestic living household of God. He lives in us through the Holy Spirit residing in us as we become a united building.

“I Will…” Statements:

  • I will realize authority extends to disciples of disciples.
  • I will be faithful to thank God for the fruit he brings from my disciples.
  • I will persist in prayer for the spiritual enlightenment of the people God is touching through the CPM.
  • I will pray for hope to take root in the hearts of the believers.
  • I will pray they will know God’s resurrection power in their own lives.
  • I will pray for Jesus’ continued exaltation.
  • I will claim the benefits of Jesus’ place above all spiritual forces.
  • I will submit to Jesus’ reign over the church.
  • I will build the church so it fulfills Jesus’ purposes for it.
  • I will remember my old state.
  • I will keep Satan’s reign as a thing of your past.
  • I will realize my old lifestyle was really a death wish locking me into punishment.
  • I will praise God for his loving mercy!
  • I will remember I am alive in Christ and this is all by grace.
  • I will live consistent with my high standing with Christ.
  • I will let the fruit of God’s kindness shine through my life.
  • I will live in the free gift of God’s grace—walk by faith, not sight.
  • I will not boast, but proclaim, “God did this, not me!”
  • I will do the good things God prepared for me to do.
  • I will remember this place of honor hasn’t always been mine to enjoy—I was on the outside looking in.
  • I will remember how it feels to be excluded
  • I will remember how marvelous it feels to have a way to God opened up.
  • I will preach Jesus’ amazing role as the unifier we needed.
  • I will value his sacrificial work of unifying the great divide.
  • I will value Jesus’ body and its function of ending hostilities.
  • I will accept Jesus’ message of peace.
  • I will accept the people Jesus is reconciling to the Father.

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