Praying Galatians 5

Father,I praise you for the gift of your Holy Spirit. Jesus did not leave us alone—what a mess we would be if he had. He sent the Spirit to convict us, comfort us, and transform us into his image. As we become like Jesus we reflect your glory into our world. Oh, it needs to see you.

Forgive us for the time we waste living out of our self-centered thinking. We make such a mess of things. We spoil beautiful gifts you’ve given us. We cheapen sex. We argue and fight. We act like spoiled children in a toy store. We choose up sides and work hard to destroy one another—damaging our homes, our friendships and all our relationships. We damage good things and they come out warped and unfulfilling. We become lonely and fearful—afraid of being alone and alone because we are afraid.

You sent teachers like Paul to warn us. They have called us to kingdom living, but cautioned us that our self-serving ways are contrary to our kingdom calling. Their warning resonates in our hearts when we really know Jesus. He did not live that way. He loved people and served them. He put his desires behind their deepest needs. Transform our hearts into surrendered living. Give us a growing awareness of the reality that Jesus is on his throne and everything is being brought into submission to him.

We need Spirit-shaped character. Others will be blessed by our love. Their spirits will be lifted by our joy. Tensions will be lessened by our peace. Frustrations will be avoided by patience. Tears will be wiped by our kindness. Promises will be fulfilled by our faithfulness. Hearts will be touched by our goodness. Sin will be avoided by our self-control. Reign in our daily living. Rule in our work and our play. Redeem every aspect of our thinking.

We pledge to live Spirit-led lives. We choose to be holy because you are holy! We march to the Spirit’s cadence—He is the drummer who sets our beat. We want to be cross-shaped every day of our lives. Complete in us the good work you have begun.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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