Praying Matthew 4:1-17

Father, I praise you for Jesus! To think of him leaving heaven, leaving you, leaving his security from Satan’s attacks is mind-boggling. I marvel at his devotion to your will, your fame, your glory. I praise you for Joseph and Mary teaching him your Word. I praise you for his faithful practice of gathering with others to handle your revelation and to put it into practice. I praise you for his perfect obedience to all that it teaches. I praise you for his complete intimacy with you! Transform us into his image—day by day.

I praise you for the ways you continue to love and protect your children who walk in your ways. I praise you for your Spirit bringing to our minds your Word so we too know how to answer the enemy. Teach us to hear your voice. Lead us to surrender to the Spirit’s nudges. Accomplish victories in our lives, today.

I praise you for ways you are blessing your children. You’re pulling back the veil and we see the spiritual realities behind struggles most only feel. We hear the threatening voice. We see the dark form. But that is not all you’ve allowed us to see. We see the protecting angel. We know his name. We see victories won. But most of all we hear Jesus’ words of promise that he knows what we are experiencing and he will get us through the difficulties. I praise you that our experiences confirm the promises of your Word. I praise you that the angel brings comfort after seasons of testing. I praise you for all your provisions for your children. Teach us all to worship you only!

Give us clarity for how you are preparing us for ministry. Help us to see that there is always responsibility that comes with blessings. Lead us to bless others as we have been blessed.

I praise you for sending Jesus to that crossroads where there were many Gentiles. I praise you that from the start of his ministry we see our part was to come in your plans. Oh, God, give us a vision for all the people-groups on the outside looking in—stir us up out of our comfort and ease. Fire us up to your heartbeat for the world. Ready us for kingdom advances. Lead us forward into victory!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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