Praying Revelation 12

Father, how could you trust us to take up the battle? The Dragon is here, waging war against those who are obeying your commandments and holding on to Jesus’ testimony. We see that our struggle is not against human beings, but spiritual forces in high places here on earth.

Carry out your kingdom advance through us. Transform us from sleepy Christian clubs into delta strike forces. Give us a clear sense of how long this battle has been going on and how many have entered the fray. Let us see ourselves as standing with Joseph and Mary against the powers that be. Produce a faith in us that knows the enemy cannot succeed against your Son.

Praise God! Jesus reigns! He does rule the nations with an iron scepter. He is there at your right hand, right now. You protected him until the perfect moment. He kept saying, “It is not my time…” until it finally arrived.

Give us the clarity to realize the battles that are raging around us. Let us never rest in our fight against Satan and his angels. Use our testimony to overcome him. Make your salvation and power—kingdom authority—manifest among us. You’ve cast him down from heaven and he no longer accuses us there. We praise you!

We know his fury is great because he knows his time is short. Give us endurance. Use us to take this fight to him. Keep us from loving our lives so much as to shrink from death. Free us from that last power he holds.

Protect us, Father. You know how to provide all our needs. Cause the earth to swallow the torrents he would spew at us. Accomplish your purposes.

Even as you dwelt among us through Jesus, dwell in us through the Holy Spirit. Show yourself within our lives. Impact our world! Win victory for your name.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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