Colossians 1:9-23

Father, I praise you for Jesus. Glory to his name! Through him you rescued us from the dark kingdom. You qualified us to share in Jesus’ inheritance in the light kingdom. You freed us from bondage to Satan, bondage to sin, and bondage to death. You have forgiven us. You bought us back through his blood. I praise you for those coming to Jesus.

Yes, Jesus is the first and greatest. Everything you created was for his glory. All the angelic beings were made to praise him. Even Satan and the rebel angels will have to acknowledge his right to reign. He already has all authority over them—in heaven and in earth.

We praise you, father, for what we learn of you by watching Jesus. He reveals you fully! Oh, how loving you really are. As one of us has said, “You are too good to be unkind. You are too wise to be confused. When we cannot trace your hand we can always trust your heart!”

Bless those who are coming to faith in Jesus. In jail, in Brazil, Africa and India. Here and abroad! Overflow them with an experience of you, Father, so they will know your will fully. We want our lives to please you. We want them to bring honor to your name. We want good fruit to come from our lives. Bring all of us to know you better.

Strengthen us with your power so we can endure with patience. Overflow us with joy—irrepressible peace and laughter—overflowing with thanksgiving to you.

Give us persons of peace among your worst enemies, oh God! Stir them up. Break through their evil thoughts. Overcome their evil actions. Draw them close through the message of Jesus’ death. Usher us into heaven. Look at us through his holiness. Equip us to stand before you without sin.

Ground us in the truth of Jesus. Remind us of our assurances—the confidence we had when we first came to know of your love for us shown in Jesus. We pledge ourselves to proclaim that same message Paul spread. Multiply our reach. Raise up millions who tell others of Jesus. Accomplish multiple church planting movements. Have us learning of believers reached by believers we trained. Raise us to your higher power.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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