Praying Daniel 9:4-23

Father, you are holy and true—you always keep your promises. That’s good news to us when we are faithful like you. It brings fear to our hearts when we disobey you. We have sinned. We have refused to surrender to your will for our lives. We have not obeyed your Son, Jesus. He showed us your heart—every one of us: fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. We have shut our ears to your life-giving Word.

Father, you always do what is right, but we are reaping the consequences of our disobedience. You extend grace and forgiveness, even though we disobey. The world sees that we do not live in the blessings we would have experienced. They see us isolated, and without the unity we should have. We confess we are disobedient.

We experience the brokenness Jesus warned us would come. We refuse to forgive those who have sinned against us and we live without forgiveness. We cannot forgive ourselves. We have become harsh and critical. We find that your warnings have been fulfilled among us. Because of our sin we do not have the impact on our world we know should come. Brokenness, sickness and death happen all around us. We do not experience the New Jerusalem. We do not know the intimacy with Jesus that we long to experience. We find our prayers hindered. We see Satan winning battles though he has already been defeated. Through it all we have not cried out to you. We should have repented of our sins and become obedient. You gave us the fruit of our choices because you are righteous. We still disobey.

Now, O God our Father, who raised Jesus from the grave and made a reputation for yourself that day, we confess our sin. In keeping with your goodness, remove your anger from your chosen people. Revive your church. Heal our communities. Re-light your holy lamp. Walk among the lampstands and let your glory shine through us again. Take away the derision of those who look at us and mock us for our impotence.

Please, God, hear my intercession. For the sake of your reputation, restore your people, Father. Listen to our cries. Exalt the faith communities that bear your Name. We do not make these requests because we are good, but because your grace is so amazing! Hear us, Father. Forgive us. Ignite the fire of holiness among us. Hear and act! For your sake, do not delay. Move in our midst since we bear the holy Name of Jesus. Transform us. Free us from our fear. Heal our hate. Release us from our record-keeping ways. Claim fame for Jesus. In his Name, Amen!

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