Ephesians Applied to My Life (cont.)

Ephesians 5:21-6:9

(21) Since Jesus submits to the Father, we will recognize proper lines of submission.

(22-33) A wife’s husband is accountable. Just as Jesus answers for the church, he will answer for his wife. As the church submits to Jesus, so the wife submits. Husband, imitate Jesus with a servant love for your wife. His love made the church godlier. Jesus made the church more beautiful and purer. Model Jesus.  Love her like your own body—you are one in marriage. Every sane person takes care of his body rather than abusing it.  We get to imitate Jesus in this. We are parts of his body. This oneness has always been God’s plan for marriage. A great marriage gives deep insight into Jesus’ love for the church. Husband, love her like yourself; wife honor him.

Ephesians 6

(1-4) God rewards children for obeying their parents. He attached the first promise of a blessing to honoring them. Good things and life expectancy are tied to obeying your parents. Dads must nurture faith rather than bullying their children.

(5-9) Superiors should be treated in the same way you submit to Jesus. Not only when they are watching you because you are mindful of God’s will for you. Give them the kind of service you would give God. You know God sees and rewards every good deed.  Your status doesn’t matter in this. Supervisors, treat your people with respect.  Don’t bully them since you know God is over both of you and he doesn’t play favorites.

“I Will…” Statements

  • I will build respectful relationships.
  • I will be the kind of husband to whom  Debra finds it easy to submit.
  • I will have a saving influence in my leadership role.
  • I will lead like Jesus so Debra knows she’s blessed in my leadership.
  • I will be like Jesus—loving Debra with a sacrificial love.
  • I will love so that it makes her a better person.
  • I will lead her into increasing holiness.
  • I will love Debra with the protective love I have for myself.
  • I will care for her as I care for myself—better yet, love her as Christ loved the church.
  • I will reflect Jesus’ cares for me.
  • I will remember that oneness is God’s goal for marriage.
  • I will show Jesus’ love for the church in my marriage.
  • I will love Debra like myself so she can readily respect me.
  • I will obey my parents with a godly respect.
  • I will remember God’s promised blessing.
  • I will recognize God blesses my respect for my parents.
  • I will create a healthy environment that nurtures faith in Kenneth and Rachel rather than frustrates them.
  • I will have a respectful relationship with my accountability people.
  • Iwill be a man of integrity doing what’s right even when they are not looking.
  • I will give them the service I would give God as my boss.
  • I will recognize God will reward any good I do.
  • I will treat those who answer me with dignity and respect.  I will not strong-arm them because God will settle the score.

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