Ephesians Applied to My Life (cont.)

[NOTE: I will begin with my re-statement of the passage. Then I will present a list of “I Will…” Statements that I wrote based on that section. Reading these sections will give you some insight into what struck me as I studied through these texts, but your time would be better spent doing your own 3-column study first. After you have written your study then reading mine will give you another set of eyes and experiences that may help you with your efforts to hear from God.]

Ephesians 5:1-20

(1-2) Our lives increasingly look like Papa God. They are shaped by the love of Jesus, our ransom price.

(3-5) Living righteously like God precludes sexual sins and fulfillment of any kind of lust or greed. Rather than “suggestive” speech, we should be known for our words of gratitude. Rest assured, rebellion against godly living disqualifies us from kingdom living.

(6-9) God will punish such living regardless of what talkers may say. Don’t join with their rebellion. You used to live that way, but Jesus enlightened you.  Shine! Light shows in goodness, holiness and honesty.

(10-14) Do what pleases Jesus. Reject rebellious ways.  Shine the light of Jesus on them. Don’t even whisper their hidden, rebellious ways. Under the light we see clearly. The truth becomes apparent. That is why we are told, “Wake up, live anew, Jesus will shine on you.”

(15-20) Make godly choices about your lifestyle. Use time wisely—too much of it is already wasted in rebellion. Recognize God’s ways and choose them always. Rather than being known for drunkenness, be full of God’s Spirit. Use your voices to sing God’s glory.  Praise him with your heart melodies. Through Jesus you can thank Papa God for all things.

“I Will…” Statements

  • I will behave like God does out of love.
  • I will love others with a self-sacrificing love like Jesus.
  • I will be godly—stay sexually pure, honest and financially content.
  • I will replace “suggestive” speech with thanksgiving.
  • I will receive Jesus’ inheritance through growing purity.
  • I will be obedient and avoid God’s punishment for rebellion.
  • I will not join with the disobedient.
  • I will remember how God has changed me and live that change out.
  • I will be fruitful in godliness.
  • I will seek Jesus’ will.
  • I will avoid rebellion by being honest about it.
  • I will stay totally away from the rebellious.
  • I will bring the hidden out to the light.
  • I will let Jesus’ light test everything.
  • I will make good choices.
  • I will use time constructively.
  • I will seek God’s will.
  • I will not be a drunkard, but will fill up on God’s Spirit.
  • I will use my voice to teach others and praise God with wholesome words.
  • I will thank God through Jesus.

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