Praying 1 Corinthians 12

Father, fill me with knowledge about spiritual gifts. Correct my small, feeble thinking. Impress me with the fact that only your Spirit can lead people to say, “Jesus is Lord.”

Unify us in yourself. Protect us from focusing on our differences.

Teach us to use all our gifts to bless your whole family. Whether wisdom, knowledge, faith, healings, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues or interpretation—we long for your Spirit to empower each of us, just like he wants.

Coordinate us. Give us all a sense of teamwork. Fill us to overflowing with your Spirit.

Guard us from de-valuing our function. Remind us that you created man’s body and you have arranged us all, too. You give us our place and meaning. You put us together for the praise of your glory!

Lead us to value one another. Teach us to value each member. We need to recognize the great worth of each person. Protect us from the spirit of division. Lead us to truly empathize—to suffer with broken hearted and celebrate with those who are honored.

We want to do Jesus proud! We want to be his hands and feet here in Middle Tennessee. Raise up apostles who will take the gospel to people with no Jesus option. Create prophets—men and women who speak your heart beat into our lives. Show your powerful miracles. Heal the sick and broken. Help through us. Produce your strategy in us. Speak through our mouths. Give us the greater gifts. Lead us to use them with love—just like You!

Remove our fear of drawing near to you. Remove our fear of being filled by you. Mould us, shape us, transform us! Stamp your image on our lives. Stamp your image on our community.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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