Praying Luke 1:46-55, 67-79; 2:14, 29-32

Father, glory to you, oh God! Glory!

I praise you for the awesome gift of your Son, Jesus! You are high and holy, but you have stooped near us because of your amazing love and grace.

I praise you for answering so many prayers. You’ve fulfilled the needs of people. You’ve fulfilled the predictions of Israel’s prophets. You’ve shown yourself through the gift of Jesus. You are the ultimate promise keeper. You have delivered us from our enemy.

Bring to pass your will for my life. Accomplish in me and through me all you wish to do. Send your Holy Spirit to bring to fruition all your plans for my life. Make your mercy flow upon us in wave after wave. Show your strength and power through your people. Use the Stones River family to bring your purposes to pass. Set your people free through Jesus. Set the power of salvation in the center of our lives.

Free us to worship you without a care in the world. Make us holy before you—as long as we live. Send us as messengers of your salvation. Shine the light of your goodness into our dark world, through us. Let people see the light of your salvation as you work powerfully in our lives! Shine this light into all the people groups of our world.

Shine, Jesus, shine! Through you I pray, Amen.

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