Praying 1 Corinthians 14

Father, you are love! You are wise! You give your Spirit. You give gifts—special abilities empowered by your Spirit. I praise you for who you are. Glory be to your name for what you do and how you work in our lives. Lead us more and more into your likeness—let us bear your image.

Give us the gift of prophecy. Empower us to speak your truth—your insights, your vision for our lives clearly to one another. Guide our kingdom gatherings. Rebuke us when we make them about our selfish preferences. Convict us when we focus on ourselves rather than what blesses others. Heal us of our self-centered individuality. Transform us into a power-filled kingdom community. Give us words of truth to speak into each others lives. May your will flow through our mouths and shape our hearts, both as speakers and hearers.

Yes, Lord, we are open to tongues. We long for times when our spirits experience the ecstasy of being in your presence. But more than those times of being filled, equip us to bless one another. Make us a conduit of your presence into each others lives, and our collective life as people gathered in the name of Jesus. Forgive our pettiness, our jealousies and our wrangling over greatness and positions of rank.

Grow us up! Get us out of ourselves and wake us up to the joy of serving others. Give us a passion for clarity. We long for the gifts that will give your people the greatest blessings. Focus our desires on seeking those things that build others up and strengthen the whole community. Please give us an interpreter when we speak in tongues so everyone can receive the blessing of hearing from you. Don’t let us be a distraction from you. Give us the capacity to speak true blessings into the lives of those who gather with us.

Make your presence so apparent among us that even unbelievers are overwhelmed by your glory. Show yourself in our midst. We want them to experience you through us. We long to be agents of your grace. Yes, we want to be built up, but we want it so others can be built through our experience of you. Let your light shine through our obedience and our true love for one another. Let our worship be such that they say, “God is truly here!”

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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