Outside the Box

Two weeks ago I trained a group of people how to facilitate Discovery Bible Studies among their friends who do not know Jesus. One young lady, who was encouraged to come by her pastor who also came, immediately recruited enough people to have two groups of six ladies. She intentionally invited a few of the ladies from her church to participate. There are two not-yet believers and four believers in one group. The ratio is the opposite in the other group.

This lady is already coaching a member of one of the groups to facilitate. She is benefiting from the process of passing on the leadership. She is excited about what happened last week as the groups just began.

Her pastor urged her to “think outside the box” as she considered who to invite to the groups. She decided to run a Craigs List ad. Here is what the ad said:


If you would like to participate with a small group of women as we walk together discovering what God has to say to us through His word then I would love to talk to you!

This is a small group of women (no more than 6) and we will meet together weekly. We will encourage each other as we look to God’s word for answers we all want.

If you have never been to church in your life – this group is for you! If you have been to church every time the doors have been open and still feel like you don’t know who God is – this group is for you! If you don’t know if you even believe in God – this group is for you!

You don’t need to know anything about the Bible at all! This is a DISCOVERY group. We will only focus on what the Bible says – not what PEOPLE have to say about God.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


  1. This is very good nuts and bolts stuff. I like 123 abc particularly when the outcome has been proven over and over again already. Amazing how simple and basic this stuff sounds but I think we’d be hard pressed to find one Christian in a hundred actually doing it.


  2. I like the “Getting Started” approach. In our information overloaded world, it’s sometimes tough to get back to the basics, or know where to start.


    1. J.D., thanks for sharing. I agree with the “information overloaded world” comment. While there is a danger to wanting things too scripted, the other extreme is not having any idea of how to begin. I appreciate your input.


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