A Recommended Site

Many of the blogs I follow periodically tell their readers about other sites that they find useful. Today I want to recommend one to all my friends who are passionate about cross-cultural missions. It is the website archives of the International Journal of Frontier Missiology:


At this site you will find the archives of twenty-seven years of articles that were written for this journal. The subject-matter in these volumes is thought-provoking and well worth your time.

Let me whet your appetite by suggesting you begin with an article written by Keith Williams and Leith Gray. The article addresses cross-cultural evangelism and is titled, “The Litte Phone that Could: Mobile-Empowered Ministry.” You can get a pdf copy by going to:


The authors do a great job of weaving fascinating information about the rapid spread of cell phone technology throughout the remotest parts of the world with efforts to use this for the spread of the gospel. Keith is a church planter in the Arab World and he recently launched Mobile Advance (www.mobileadvance.org), an initiative focused on enabling the rapid, widespread, and effective implimentation of mobile phone ministry among the least reached people groups.

When a dramatized audio Bible was produced in the language of the people group that was being targeted, the missionaries assumed these nomads did not have access to any form of media player. But what they failed to recognize was these people were using their phones to listen to music and poetry as well as view videos.

Now they share individual Scripture stories on their phone during a visit. If the person shows enough interest, they transfer it by Bluetooth. When a person comes to faith in Jesus they are given an inexpensive mobile phone memory card containing the entire panoramic set of Bible stories. Such technology allows the message to go viral.

Read the article. It will stretch your imagination. I’m hoping we will become creative in finding ways to get the good news out.

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