Ephesians Applied to My Life (cont.)

Ephesians 6:10-24

(10-12) Strength comes in God’s power. To stand against Satan you have to wear the protection God gives. Remember our warfare isn’t against people, but against spiritual beings that rule over darkness.

(13-17) Wear God’s protection so you can withstand their attacks. The belt of truth protects your waist and righteousness your chest. Your feet are readied by the good news of peace. Trusting in God shields you from every flaming arrow Satan sends your way. Salvation protects your head; God’s word is the Spirit’s sword.

(18-20) Always pray in the Spirit.  Be vigilant, especially in prayer for other believers. Pray for Paul to speak the right words with boldness as he tells of God’s plan for oneness. That’s why he represents Jesus from imprisonment.  Pray he will faithfully keep on telling this good news.

(21-22) Tychicus will verbally fill in the gaps letting the churches of Asia know how Paul is doing—he’s trustworthy like that. He’s coming to let you know how Paul is doing and to build you up.

(23-24) Peace, love and faith come to his children from Papa God and Jesus. God will be gracious to everyone who loves Jesus with an unending devotion.

“I Will…” Statements

  • I will rely on God’s power.
  • I will take up God’s protection and withstand Satan’s deceptions.
  • I will stop fighting people, because I am at war with spiritual beings.
  • I will win my battles through God’s protection.
  • I will act with truth and righteousness to stay safe.
  • I will walk consistent with the good news from God.
  • I will rely on God to protect me from Satan’s attacks.
  • I will wear my salvation helmet and use the word—the Spirit’s sword.
  • I will keep my eyes open and pray through the Spirit for all the disciples.
  • I will pray that my teacher will be faithful and fearless at the work of including others.
  • I will pray my teacher will speak without fear, even in spite of persecution.
  • I will remember that some things are better said face to face.
  • I will accept the messenger of a dear friend and receive encouragement as though delivered in person.
  • I will bless others with peace, love and faith from Papa God and Lord Jesus.
  • I will experience grace as I love Jesus with an unending devotion.


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