A Fresh Look

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Yesterday was a great Sunday.  Worship was uplifting.  Fellowship with other believers was encouraging.  God’s Word continues to be heard and applied in the lives of members here at Stones River.  I praise God when I think of you.

Your response to those of us who serve as shepherds was refreshing.  Over $13,000.00 has already been pledged and we anticipate that amount will rise since several of our members were not present yesterday.

As I scanned the financial commitments you’ve made, several things struck me.  Some whose finances will not allow the gift of money have pledged time to assist the project.  Individual amounts ranged from $20.00 to $1,000.00.  Combined over $500.00 was pledged by teenagers. These young people continue to challenge us through their example.  As has been noted on numerous occasions, they are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today.  I praise God when I think of you.

Two powerful testimonies were given to God’s providence.  Needed funding for a lift and the gift of a second child to a loving family are no small blessings.  To hear two dads give God glory for the ways He provides was a powerful experience.  I praise God when I think of you.

In themselves, fresh paint and new carpet may not be worthy of much consideration.  But as a response to God’s goodness and an expression of stewardship, they bear testimony to faith.  Many are trusting God to provide the way to make the money available.  Some are giving out of their wealth and others are giving out of their poverty.  But all are giving as an act of faith.  I praise God when I think of you.

A “Can Do” attitude is building at this congregation.  Personal involve-ment and a willingness to take on large tasks are developing.  I praise God when I think of you!

John Kenneth King


P.S., If you haven’t made your commitment to this project yet, please contact one of the shepherds to inform us of your willingness to bring it to a completion. 

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