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Studying the Bible can follow numerous paths.  One fruitful course is to do character studies.  Examining the textual information about individuals like David, Peter and Onesimus can prove enlightening. Some biblical characters are well known while others are more obscure.  There are some that are challenging because we have so much information on their lives while many others would be difficult because there is so little data revealed.  But there are also many more that can be profitably studied since the information is more manageable.

Timothy fits into the later category.  He is not as well known as his mentor—Paul, but there is enough information that looking at his life is very beneficial.  As you examine his life you gain insight into the role his family and a community of faith played.

This young man entered ministry via a recommendation from believers in Lystra and Iconium (Acts 16:2).  Something about his faith life caught the attention of these Christians and made them think that he would be a valuable member of Paul’s company.  They laid hands on him and conveyed a gift to this young man through a prophetic message (1Tim. 4:14).

Are there any Timothys among us?  Are we watching the lives of our young people to see where and how God is working?  Do we create opportunities for them to be involved in ministry so they can discern how God would use them?  What should we do if we recognize God has gifted certain individuals and that he is calling them into ministry?

We are currently studying 1Timothy and 2 Timothy on Wednesday evenings.  These are some of the questions we have encountered.  I find it exciting that at the same time we have received requests from some of our young people about their need for support to go on summer campaigns.  Will we help them have these types of opportunities while they are young enough to realistically consider dedicating their whole lives to ministry?

Once a young man or woman has a family and significant financial commitments it becomes very hard to follow such a course.  Let’s help now.

John Kenneth King   

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