Reflecting on “Mindshifts in Movements”

Before reading this post, I encourage you to click on the following link and read the article to which I am responding: This was written by two authors. One I know well and the other I have heard great things about her. I highly commend this article and the second portion which is also available.

I copied the article and sent it out to a host of people who I know who have an interest in seeing Movements begin among people groups here in North America, too. With the article I asked some questions: What paradigm shifts were the hardest for you to make? Which shift are you still challenged to make? Which ones do pastors and other church leaders struggle with the most (in your experience)? I am not wanting you to confine yourself to the shifts mentioned below. Maybe your biggest challenge has not been listed, yet?

My goal was to provoke deep thinking and reflection. It was to challenge these would-be catalysts to identify the highest hurdles to Multiplication thinking and practices. What deeply worn ruts in traditional Christian thinking hold us back, or keep us doing what we have always done?

If you went to that link and explored the article, you have seen the list of mindshifts we will need to make to see Movements begin. I plan to explore each of these over several weeks. Some of them I will be able to share some of what my friends wrote to me about how they have been challenged in the same area. My prayer is these thoughts will be valuable to you and assist you in making changes in your behaviors and practices, too. Thinking which remains void of action will not be fruitful.