Why Discovery Is Important

As people begin to hear these new stories that affirm divine intention in creation and redemption, new possibilities arise. Maybe the fatalism their worldview demands is not the only option. Maybe the world did not come into existence by accidental forces. Maybe life can become more fruitful by journeying within this story.

Too often those who know the Biblical answer to the question, “What is truth?” get excited or impatient at this crucial point. We want to hurry these sojourners to the destination. We start to distill the story down to a summary and want them to accept reality upon the weight of our testimony. We want them to believe. Please, slow down and reconsider.

Will you always be there to hear these stories and choose how these people should live? Do you want their faith to rest on the foundation of your investigations of truth? Would it be better if they discover for themselves?

No, I am not going to tell you to butt out and leave them alone. But I am going to advise you to practice some restraint. Trust Papa God. Trust the Holy Spirit to bring conviction. Trust the hunger in their spirits to be “fed” by the bread of life!

Encourage them in a discovery process! Learn to rely on God and not yourself. Remember, these stories have to become their story. They have to see themselves within this journey to come to see how God really views them!


  1. Yesterday we were in a Muslim home where the father has shown much interest in Isa (Jesus). There are three generations of relatives living in this home and they are typically VERY noisy, with children running around, etc…we were discussing Biblical passages and the man of the household was frequently “checking” the veracity of the passages with his aged mother-in-law–by God’s grace, she was agreeing with all that was discussed! But, our prayer is that he will begin to check the veracity of Scripture with the Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit will help him discern the truth.
    I so appreciate your comment about discovery and how another’s discovery should not rest on our own investigation of the truth. By definition, his journey to find Jesus will be different, so why should we think God will use our journey to always instruct him? Certainly there are common themes of God intervening in human lives, but as you said, we will not always be there with him as he examines Scripture.

    Thanks for this post, John.


    1. The great thing about him “checking” with his mother-in-law is several in this family are likely to come to faith together and that will make it more likely that they help each other on the journey of faith! As they travel to faith together, the Holy Spirit will accomplish his purpose.

      Yesterday I watched a short video about the stages of a person coming to faith. Much of it was excellent, but it was very presumptuous and Western in the beginning. The presenter called people at the start “skeptics” and discussed the need for them to transition to “seekers.” He said this happens as they begin to “trust” the presenter of the gospel. While there is much truth to his words, his meaning was skewed because of his individuality and his failure in recognizing the need to look for Persons of Peace–those God’s Spirit is preparing to be bridges for the gospel to enter a family/community. He sees the process as being fundamentally dependent upon them trusting us. But that makes the process human centered rather than God centered.

      I love what God is doing in and through you, CC! Keep on keeping on!


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