Being Doers of the Word (Part 1)

Living out of our identity as sons and daughters of the Creator looks like an apprenticeship. We once marched to the beat of a different drummer (a death march). But now, in Christ we hear the Father and seek to do His will.

Discovery Bible Studies (DBSs) call us to hear the Word and put it into practice. We obey out of love, just like Jesus did. We know that our obedience does not earn us standing before our Father. We know that it opens us to being channels of His blessing for others.

One of my teammates has a supporter who works in the water/waste management field. He is an engineer who is a consultant for numerous municipalities. Grease can be incredibly damaging to a city’s sewers. A business that chooses to run grease into the sewer system will block the flow of waste behind them in the system. Trust me, you want sewer flowing all the way to the treatment facility! Blockages are a nightmare. The technology this guy has developed to monitor such potential problems makes him a valued specialist.

Disobedience blocks our spiritual flow. It creates problems that prevent us from experiencing the richness our relationship with God offers. It also restricts the blessings our Father desires to pass through us to others.



  1. I am still amazed when I read a post that piggy backs onto a topic similar to what I’ve just studied! I was studying Ephesians 5:8, we were darkness but now we are the light of the Lord…Now LIVE…as children of light. We are a new creation and when we live like that, obedience is just a reflection of who we are… not who we are trying to become. I love the visuals in your stories! Thanks for the post!


    1. The Spirit knows how to bring confirmation into our hearts! I am thankful this blessed you by dove-tailing into your other study. Thanks for sharing this on Facebook. The second part will come out on Thursday.


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