Steering a Parked Life

Last week I encountered two quotes that converged for me. The first said, “It is hard to steer a parked car.” A vehicle that is barely moving is easier to turn than one that is sitting still. When we attempt to obey what we hear God calling us to do, our lives become more open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Another friend wrote the following in her Facebook status:

“Do what you know you should do, and you will know what to do…God clarifies in the midst of obedience, not beforehand”… I’m already seeing what I’ve begged God to show me while sitting still… He really is in the MOVEMENT!

How often do we miss out on blessings because we will not lean into what we already know God calls us to do? Yes, He is sovereign and will accomplish his ultimate purposes. But there are good things along the way that are connected to our openness to receive.

In John 14 and 15 Jesus expresses numerous blessings that come to those who are moving, those who obey Jesus:

14:15-17      When we obey Jesus, He will pray and in answer to his prayer the Father will give the Spirit of Truth

14:23-24      Loving obedience to Jesus results in the Father and Jesus abiding with the obedient disciple

15:10-11      Loving obedience brings Jesus’ joy to completion in the disciple

15:12-15      Loving obedience reveals we are Jesus’ friends

15:16-17      We will bear much fruit—fruit that lasts!

If you are not experiencing these blessings, maybe you are like a parked car. If you continue to beg God for clarity, maybe you are ignoring an earlier answer he has already given. Start moving in the direction he called you and see if your life is not more easily steered!


  1. One of our family’s theme verses is Proverb 16:9, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.” this passage evokes a truth that God’s guidance often comes only when we start moving. Thanks for this post!


      1. Thanks so much for your constant presence of encouragement in our lives. It is really appreciated. We are enjoying a two-day special training session with Aila Tasse right now. He also brought us copies of Jerry’s book. I’ll be in touch to discuss Rwanda with you soon!

      2. Give my greetings to Aila! He is a good man. Your time with him should be very valuable. I am also happy that the team is receiving some copies of the book. It has been a great joy to hear several of these stories as they were happening, to watch the book writing process and be one of the early readers was a special pleasure. Looking forward to hearing from you regarding Rwanda.

  2. I am being overwhelmed at Gods presence in just the slightest movement of myself. One of my steps accelerates God’s steps. Why are we so reluctant to do the smallest requests from Him? I am now actively listening and moving at His prompts and it is making all the difference ….


    1. Keep listening and moving! Some do not because they are afraid He does not speak; others do not because they are afraid He does! Many have been convinced that God no longer acts directly in our world, that He only did that long enough to get the Scriptures written and now we are on our own with the “Owners Manual” as it were. Such a view is based on a misunderstanding of Scripture, though. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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