What happened?

That question was posed to me a while back. I was shocked by my inquisitor. Who was she and why was she asking me, “What happened to you? Why did you stop writing; it has been a year?”

After I avoided my rush toward defensiveness and disorientation, I asked some clarifying questions. She was a regular reader of this blog. We had actually connected through email at one point. But she and her husband had recently moved from New Jersey to Iowa. Some of my struggle was she was out of context.

The busyness of my work had colluded with my lack of confidence that this blog was being helpful to push writing aside. Regretfully I am too vain to just throw something up here and feel too busy to block off time for writing the way I prefer. But the length of time since I had last posted anything actually shocked me. And now it has been even longer.

I find it fitful to write in a vacuum. Without feedback I flounder. Am I meeting a need? Am I like the proverbial tree that falls in the woods and no one hears?

It’s not that I did not write during those gaps. I just have not posted any of that on here. Much has been happening and I need to tell you about it, in due time. But I want to start by thanking you if you missed my writing (please don’t comment if you had not noticed, while I long for appreciative feedback, I must confess my skin is too thin for too much criticism).

Actually, I wrote most of the preceding material back in 2018 to explain my most recent hiatus. Well, guess what, I “ghosted” this blog again. It was not intentional, but it did happen. Please accept my apology and know that I seem to be back in the writing mood and hopefully rhythm by the time you see this post.

Some dear friends have encouraged me to write a book. Actually another friend has written an e-book which utilizes lots of my previous posts. If you might have an interest in reading it, let me know and I can send you a digital copy if you will promise to share it with five other people (no, I will not make any money from spreading it, and neither will my friend who wrote it). Also, I need your promise to email me any questions it sparks within you. My best writing has been in response to questions raised.