What’s Up With That?

As most of you know, I have not posted to my blog in the last couple of weeks. I entered the New Year with the anticipation of doing more consistent writing. It appears that resolution has been dashed with many others. But wait, I have been writing during those two weeks—just not for my blog.

A friend asked me to be a guest author on his blog. I shared with him that I realize I need a goal and a deadline. He was offering me the goal (write three blog articles on discipleship) and set my due date as January 25. I sent him the three articles on the 22nd, so he has time to prepare those to be automatically posted, even though he will be traveling during February.

Why would I write for someone else, rather than myself? To help him out. To see if my posts might draw some readers to my blog. To see what kind of reaction his followers have to my articles (he has attracted people who comment frequently). One of the things I am pondering is whether my style and/or subject matter may limit dialogue. Or, have I just not pushed the right buttons yet.

But another piece of this is I am experimenting. Many of the blogs I have read suggest that helping others is a great way to grow your own audience. We will see.

Now I plan to write some articles that I will publish here that work off the guest posts on his blog. That way if some of his readers hop over they will find some connections. The other thing it pushes me to do is plan ahead more.

Most of my posts build off of other conversations or experiences. Often I take a section of an email conversation and expand it. Or maybe I drill deeper into an issue that arises from a dialogue with a friend. Someone asks a mission-related question and that prompts me to fashion a response. Those are usually pretty easy to write, but they are reactive, more than proactive. I want to become more proactive in my writing. I will continue to respond to things that come up in the flow of life, but I also need to write regularly and consistently to build my discipline.

Thanks for checking in to my site. Any comments are appreciated. Questions are certainly welcome. If there are topics that come to your mind as you read any of these posts, please respond in a comment.

Those three posts will be on Brett Harrison’s site, Aliens and Strangers, (http://jamesbrett.wordpress.com) during the month of February. Brett does a good job of writing interesting and thought-provoking articles. He also has about four different types of posts that he mixes up well to attract and engage a diverse readership.

Is it possible I will gain more from giving those articles to Brett than if I had just posted them here? Join me as I test the promise of Jesus: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


  1. Hi John! I just recently figured out how to follow you…haha! I’m glad I finally did! As you always say, “Keep on keepin on!”


    1. Glad you figured it out. I am trying to make my site more user friendly, but I am still a true novice. Thanks for checking the blog out and commenting. I am thankful for the ways you are serving in Asia. Enjoy your time away from school. Look forward to spending time with you, Stan and Kevin in a few weeks.


  2. Jace, Thanks. I look forward to having them published and I pray they will be beneficial to our understanding of what it means to be disciples. I appreciate having people comment, especially if a dialogue develops that will take us deeper into the Word and sharing our experiences of walking out our faith. Recommending beneficial posts to your friends is the highest form of encouragement for a writer.

    I checked out the link. Clearly homosexuality is categorized as a sin in Scripture. Obviously there are many other sins that join this one in the Bible. Any time you step into that kind of interview you have to anticipate this type of question being raised. I prefer to involve open people in a process of discovering what God says about his nature rather than calling them to accept my studied convictions. The Holy Spirit is the one who brings conviction then. Focusing time and energy on Persons of Peace (Luke 10) proves much more fruitful. Blessings!


    1. Michael, they will be on the blog of a missionary who is working in Tanzania. They will be run in February. I will post on here when they show up there. Thanks for asking about this.


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