Coping With a Crazy Busy Schedule

Two down, two to go! I am halfway through a four-day stretch that is crazy busy. Yesterday we participated in an annual fund-raising dinner for a ministry where I am president of the board of directors. This morning I had my annual physical. Tomorrow my wife and I will be running our first half marathon and then on Sunday our church is participating in Church Outside the Walls!

Putting any of these into a normal week would add to the stress level. Adding all of them to a four-day stretch has been interesting. Everyone of these activities is good. But even good things can add to busy-ness.

Jesus seemed especially prone to slip away from such hectic times to spend special times with Papa God. While I did not spend any all-nighters in prayer, I have found myself praying whenever I wake up thinking about these activities. When our schedules are busiest we most need to guard our times with our Father.

Training for this half marathon has helped me in several ways–some unanticipated. I thought it likely that I would lose some weight and that my cholesterol numbers would benefit. My physical revealed both happened. But the training has also helped me spiritually. I find myself praying while I run. There are some Muslims for whom I pray. There are friends who have lost loved ones. I have prayed for Church Outside the Walls. Like training for a half marathon, intercession requires discipline. It has been great to couple spiritual discipline with physical discipline. But the running has also given me deeper insights into Hebrews 11:39 – 12:13.

Running a 13.1 mile race takes planning. It is easier to train when you have a partner–Debra and I have kept each other going. Keeping your eye on the goal and breaking the preparation down into manageable chunks is essential. Perseverance is demanded and it increases with training.

Throw a major home-remodeling project into the mix over these last two weeks and the recipe was ripe for a melt-down. But the extra prayer time and the running helped me stay sane through a crazy busy schedule.

Practice discipline. Be healthy. God will equip you for challenges that lie ahead!

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