Don’t You Just Love Air Conditioning?

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  When the Psalmist considered the world of nature, he saw it as evidence of God’s providential presence.  He wrote, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (Ps. 19:1).  The world’s marvelous design points to its intelligent Creator.
But it’s not just the big things of the world that are design testimonies—there are the little things.  The vastness of the starry sky can be rivaled by the intricacies of the microscopic.

While I’ve had my dangerous moments (don’t laugh, I’m being serious) with them, they continue to fascinate me.  I’m talking about honeybees.  Recently we saw a working hive at the Grassmere Nashville Zoo.  Just today I read a fascinating story in Guideposts about a beekeeper.  At the end of the article there was a “Did You Know?” section on interesting facts about bees.  The last fact revealed the following:

“The hive must be kept at 91 degrees: warm enough for eggs to incubate, but cool enough so the wax doesn’t melt.  To maintain the temperature worker bees carry water to the hives, then fan it with their wings to evaporate it for cooling.”

Imagine you’ve grown up in the wilderness.  You’ve never seen any electrical appliances.  You meet a strangely dressed man and he invites you to come to his home.  As you enter his house, during the hottest day of the summer, you notice that the temperature is perfect—not too hot, not too cool.  You see a box that’s in a window which is able to take advantage of the benefits of evaporation to regulate the temperature.  But to your greatest amazement your host tells you that this box accidentally came into existence.

“No,” you tell him incredulously, “something like that couldn’t just happen.  An intelligent person had to design and build that.  It’s too perfectly suited to its purposes.”

Yes, design points to the Designer.  Many things in our world testify to God’s incredible creativity.  Praise God for His providences!

John Kenneth King

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