A Little Earthquake

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Cheryl’s story caught my attention.  She was reflecting on how some difficulties can actually benefit us.  She confessed, “I don’t have much of a green thumb, but last year my mom gave me a spider plant that had been overgrown and desperately needed repotting.  She told me how to do it and the results were amazing!  This dusty plant (she’d previously smoked for many years, so the plant was covered in smoke/dust) was wiped clean, separated into three plants and set in NW facing windows.    All three have grown new ‘spiders’ and they have the most adorable white flowers on them that become the spider!   Oddly, the one plant that’s doing the best, sprouting the most new spiders, is the one that our youngest got ahold of last fall… she knocked it off the stand (from her baby walker) and onto the walker and was playing in the roots (aerating it? ha ha)!
Makes me think that sometimes a little earthquake at our roots can be a good thing?”
    Would you agree from your life experiences?  Do you know anyone who started a successful new business because he was a casualty of downsizing?  He never would have left the ease of his old job, but he would have missed his true vocation, too.  Do you know someone who has become more confident and compassionate because of a painful breakup?  She would have never stretched that way without the motivation of her pain.
    Maybe we would be open to such if we could be sure that it was only a “little earthquake.”  Faith reminds us that circumstances Satan would attempt to use to damage us may actually be events God uses to transform us into the kind of people who exhibit Jesus’ character most clearly.  When we remember “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world,” we can bear up under our struggles and hold on to the promises.
    The assurance of faith comes not in us knowing ahead, it comes in us trusting in our promise-keeping Father.  Our awareness of God’s faithfulness and experience of his provisions carries us through those moments when we cannot see the outcome yet.  Faith is “the substance of things not seen.”
John Kenneth King   

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