A Call to Worship

“How’s your prayer life?” may be one of the most humbling questions a believer could be asked.  Intellectually we realize communication is critical to any relationship.  It is certainly critical to our walk with God.We have an intercessory prayer group that meets on Fridays.  For the last couple of months we’ve been using a workbook titled Walking in Fellowship with God: Disciple’s Prayer Life which has been challenging and rewarding.  The studies for a recent week focused on “Worshiping God in Prayer.”  Day 4 of the week centered on praying the Psalms.  An exercise called for the participants to write a psalm that exhorts the group to join in praising God.  The group suggested I share the following attempt at that with the whole church:

Come worship God with me.

He sends His blessings afresh each day.

He is faithful to His promises,

He hears and answers our prayers.

Yahweh answers prayers for healing.

He gives children to the barren.

He hears our cries.

In His mercy He takes the suffering home to rest.

Slow down and remember His goodness.

He gives us friends.

He gives us homes and families.

He gives us worthwhile ministry.

Praise God for Stones River.

He calls us to worship Him afresh.

He removes human restraints.

He frees us from empty traditions and calls us to Himself.

Praise God, Praise God!

John Kenneth King

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