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Yesterday a mother shared with me that her son was confused.  He asked her why those people were coming into the building after Sunday School.  She told him they were here for worship.  “But didn’t we already do church?” he responded.  “Yes, but now there is a second worship,” she told him.  “Why didn’t they come earlier?” he questioned. Two weeks into this new phase of our church life I can relate.  Communion is served at both services—do I partake at both or only one, and if the later option, which one and why?  How do I interact with the folks leaving after the first worship and get ready for Sunday School at the same time?  How do I interact with the folks leaving after the first worship and Sunday School and get ready for the second worship?  How do I remember whether or not I said something earlier in the second sermon, or just remember having said it earlier during the first time I preached it?  I’ve had my moments of confusion, too.

But it’s worth it all!  More people are being touched.  We are being stretched to place the needs of others at least as high as our own, if not higher.  New people are being given easier access into this church family because there are more opportunities and some of the “tight-group” connections are being loosened a little.  We see space for new folks to sit and we are more motivated to get back to that comfortably full level.

These last two weeks have been good.  Ask Brian Cook.  Talk with Dave and Lisa Phillips.  Chat with Bill Burgess.

How’s it been for you?  Have you seen increased opportunities for service to others?  Are you inviting family and friends to join you in worshipping God?  Do you feel a little anxiety over the increased number of new faces of people you do not know?  Will you invest the time and energy into reaching out to some of those folks?  God will reward that effort if you’ll only extend it.

Dear Father,

Thank you for your faithfulness.  We praise you for calling us as your people.  You have placed us in a growing community and challenged us to reach more people.  By faith we have taken this step because we believe that whatever you call people to do, you equip them to accomplish.

Through Jesus we pray, Amen.
John Kenneth King

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