Approaching a New Year

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While some might argue that the start of a new year is quite “arbitrary,” many of us view it as a good time for reflection and long-range planning.  What accomplishments would we like to reflect on at the end of 2003?  It is far more likely we will be pleased with the events of next year if we set some goals and keep them before us.

As I’ve told you already, the shepherds have been doing some prayerful planning.  We have identified the following seven priorities:

1.      Become more mature through discipleship training.  We need to acquire the mind of Christ in the areas of giving, service, sacrifice, humility and conflict resolution.

2.      Build stronger marriages.  Our home life directly impacts our capacity to be involved in ministry.

3.      Grow stronger leadership.  As shepherds, we need to grow.  All of our ministry leaders and teams need to grow in teamwork and in faith.

4.      Improved communications.

5.      Increased community awareness of who we are and what we are about.

6.      Update our current facilities and begin planning to expand.

7.      Prepare for revival!

Please join us in prayer regarding these priorities.  Help us to refine these and make them a reality.  Our desire is to know and do the will of God.  We want this church to be a “city on a hill.”  God can use us to increase our impact on this community.

What is your part in this?  Are you maturing?  How are your conflict resolution and communication skills?  Is your marriage healthy?  Your walk in these areas impacts your capacity to influence other people.  As we grow into the image of Jesus we will be light and leaven.

Please pray for revival.  Spend daily time in God’s word.  Lift this church up in your prayers.  God is at work and we seek his greatest blessings.  Please pray for the shepherds.

John Kenneth King  

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