Praying Kingdom Prayers—Psalm 145

Father, I exalt you! You are King of kings. Forever I praise your name. Day in and day out, I give you glory and honor.

You are awesome, God. All the praise in the world is not enough for you. Your greatness is boundless! Grandparents tell their children and grandchildren their testimony to your powerful deeds. Every generation has its stories to tell. All our songs cannot contain the vastness of your conquests. News of your deeds spreads far and wide. We cannot stop talking about your kingdom advance. A library cannot hold all of your actions. You are famous throughout our country. We cannot be silent.

Your grace and mercy show through your patience with us. Your love and grace overflow in our lives. You act with amazing grace.

The whole world praises you. The people you have set apart bless your holy name. We keep telling the world how good it is to be under your kingdom rule. We let them know how blessed we are to be under your reign. You reign eternal—nothing can end that! You follow through on every promise, always keeping your word. Your every action is gracious.
I praise you for helping the hurting. You forgive us and give us an opportunity to begin again, before we give up in despair. People watch you knowing you bless us just in the knick of time. You provide richly.

Because of who you are, what you have done, and your promise to hear our prayers, I cry out to you for David. Heal my brother. Restore his health. Use this healing to claim fame to your mighty name. You are the great healer. Jesus is the great physician. Medical doctors have given up, so we cry out asking you to do the impossible. You are the impossibility specialist so we know you can. We trust you with this matter. David has surrendered himself to your will. But we also know you gave Hezekiah those extra years. Jesus healed the broken. He raised the dead. Our request is consistent with so many things you have done.

Whatever you do is good, it always arises from your love. You listen to our prayers. You hear our fervent cries. You provide the best things for us in our reverence to you. You hear our cries and save us. You forebear when we love you and punish us when we go astray. We trust you to do what is best.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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